My Story

My name is Stephanie D’Espaux, and I am the founder of Green Lotus Fitness and Nutrition. I am a wife and mother who has struggled with weight issues most of my adult life. Over the years, I have tried almost every new fad diet, diet pills, injections, shakes- you name it and I’ve tried it! They all worked temporarily until I stopped and gained all the weight back and then some, getting heavier and heavier over the years. After I had my daughter, Alex, I made a decision to be a fit mom who modeled healthy eating and fitness habits for my children. I started working out regularly and eating healthier than before, which lead me to lose all the “baby weight” in about six months. At that point, I was still thirty pounds overweight and uncomfortable in my own skin. I decided to try something new and sought out a nutrition coach. I learned how to eat the right foods, in the correct quantities, and the weight fell off. As my weight decreased and my confidence levels began to rise, I developed a passion for health and fitness. I was getting more enjoyment out of life because I had more energy, my clothes fit better, my complexion improved, and I no longer felt like the fat girl in the room. I wanted to share this passion with people who had been through the same struggles I had been through and needed help to make a change. I studied to become a certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition so I could offer my clients information backed by science and research. I am committed to helping others reach their fitness goals by educating and giving them the tools to move forward in their personal journeys. My intention is to help others change their lives and become the best version of themselves possible.